Our Story

The inspiration for Shrimp and Bayou Classics came from the truly off the beaten path establishments that can be found throughout the city of New Orleans and along the bayou communities of south Louisiana. These ma & pa family operated eateries have served up family recipes of classic Cajun and Southern style recipes throughout the years out of locations that only the locals can recommend. Many tourists of South Louisiana never get the real experience of authentic southern flavor and hospitality unless a resident guides them or takes them to one of these classic food service facilities.

That is exactly what Shrimp and Bayou Classics is. We don't put our money in fancy lights and chairs, pristine landscaping and parking facilities, but rather, we invest in transporting authentic Louisiana products and the best shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. Even down to the Blue Plate mayonnaise, we strive for authenticity. In other words, we don't stress over looks, we stress over food.

So, if you are craving real southern Louisiana, this is it! Live crawfish boils in the spring, chargrilled oysters in the fall and winter, and the only place in Springfield that serves and sells real Gulf shrimp year round. Our everyday menu with three dozen Po' boys and baskets, Cajun classics like Seafood Gumbo and Étouffée, and Sampler Platters with bacon-wrapped boneless chicken quarters provides a wide variety of choices to satisfy all customers. If you can't find what you want there, like us on Facebook and keep track of our daily specials, like seafood chili, seafood lasagna, and bacon-wrapped shrimp, or try our Friday night shrimp boil with corn, sausage, and potatoes for just $12.

Shrimp and Bayou Classics, real Louisiana cuisine, from the quaint shrimp shack ambience to the authentic Louisiana products and recipes.

Meet the Team

While our team at Shrimp and Bayou Classics is small, they are all great; quality, not quantity! Each team member offers their own unique skillset to add to Shrimp and Bayou Classics.

Chris Crow

Chris Crow

Chris attended LSU and likes to say he majored in "crawfish and beer." When he returned to Springfield, he couldn't find the food he enjoyed in Louisiana, let alone the proper ingredients, so he decided to start his own eatery in order to get what he wanted. Hence, the birth of Shrimp and Bayou Classics!


Cheryl Puzach

Cheryl was added on to help do the behind-the-scenes marketing work, including updating the Facebook page and website. While Cheryl does not claim to have any cooking skills whatsoever, she loves scrapbooking and is a perfect fit to design flyers, brochures and the website!