Shrimp and Bayou Classics is the only establishment in Southwest Missouri that has Gulf shrimp and wild caught crawfish (when in season) for sale on a regular basis. We travel to New Orleans every other week and purchase from the Westwego Fish Market at the base of the Huey P. Long Bridge to make sure that our product is fresh and authentic.

shrimp sales


Every Friday evening from 4pm-8pm, we pride ourselves in the best shrimp deal in Springfield. One pound of large, peel & eat shrimp served with taters, corn, and sausage is only $12! Spiced with a combination of liquid and dry Zatarains boil seasoning, this is a true Cajun delight.

Due to our almost decade long affiliation with Amy’s Seafood Market in Westwego, LA, we are able to buy deep water shrimp all year long. Raw Gulf shrimp is always available for sale at prices unheard of in Missouri. Jumbo 9-12 (that means it takes 9-12 shrimp to make a pound) head-on shrimp can be purchased for around $10/lb. Compare that with $15.99 for foreign caught species at your local supermarket.

Raw shrimp can be purchased during normal operating hours. For orders of 25 lbs. or more, please call Chris Crow in advance at 417-818-1950.


Depending on the weather and the water levels, the tasty little mudbugs start showing up from early February until the end of June. We make every effort to take advantage of the season. Many times, this means making the trip to Louisiana every week to fill the demand. During the season, at a minimum, we have crawfish boils every other weekend.

Live crawfish sales are available as well, by the sack only (usually around 30 lbs.). For live crawfish sales, call us during regular business hours at 417-818-1647 or call Chris Crow anytime at 417-818-1950.

Crawfish boil